Edit : 5 New Useful iPhone Apps

With an almost endless list of Apps to choose from, we chalk of 5 new noteworthy iPhone Apps for your tastebuds:
Price : Free

Although there are a lot of options for photography when it comes to iPhone Apps, Frontback is a new photo app that lets you take a picture with the front camera and back camera. The app then merges both photos into a single image.

Samsung has capitalized on a similar idea in the Galaxy S4’s “Dual Shot” mode, which stamps a picture of your face on another picture, but Frontback feels more natural.

You can share your frontback on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and the image also appears within the app itself. A smooth-scrolling feed shows photos from you, your friends, and the Frontback staff’s own well curated picks.

Price : Free

Nothing similar can be found in the vast sea of iPhone Apps. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Heard is a neat new app that turns your iPhone into a time machine. The iPhone App lets you capture sound from up to 5 minutes in the past.

Last June 20, Faalsa Labs released Heard on iOS. A week later, Apple had it pulled from the App Store. A couple of days ago, though, the app finally made its triumphant return.

Basically, the app is an audio recorder that, especially when it’s allowed to run in the background, lets you capture moments from a few seconds or even from a few minutes back. These moments, which you would otherwise miss out on, can range from instructions to meeting proceedings, from your friend’s jokes to your baby’s first words.

Price : Free

An iPhone app created by former Google, Microsoft and Dropbox employees, wants to make it easier to organize those photos and share and discuss them with others.

The app is a personal and private way to share photos with the people you want. If you don’t want to share photos it’s also a great way to organize them and keep track of your memories.

Price : Free

Grid is an iPhone and iPad app that helps you to organize your notes, pictures, people, and places all in one place. The app organizes all of your content in a unique way it calls, Maestro. Maestro lets you see all of the information you care about in your own way.
Upon first opening Grid, the app welcomes you with a tutorial that emits an array of vibrant chimes and violin plucks as you complete each step. “Swipe up for the Maestro menu”. You can swipe to select one or more boxes, and then insert one of four kinds of content in each box: text, a photo, a friend’s contact picture, or a map. You can drag and drop things, resize pictures and text, and change font sizes.

Price : Free

VSCO Cam lets you add separate focus and exposure rings to a photo along with a white balance lock. It basically ups your iPhone photography skills with just a few taps on the screen. It also includes powerful editing features and filters to make photos even better. But what’s also cool about VSCO is that it has a built-in community so you can display your photos and share every shot you take.

The app was roumered to come on Android too, later company confirmed on their website that they are working hard to create VSCO Cam for Android. VSCO Cam for Android will initially support the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One. Also company will be rolling out VSCO Cam for other Android 4.0+ devices in the near future.


Let’s go to iPhone store and download this apps


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