HTC’s new Branding Campaign heats up


What does HTC stands for? Your answer might be High Tech Computer Cooperation, apparently HTC stands for  ’Happy Touching Cruise-liner’ or may be ‘Habanero Telephone Champion’, it might also stand for ‘Hysterical Turning Coconut’ or may be ‘Happy Tantalizing Catapult’.


HTC has launched a word generator. Simply click the “Here’s to change button,” and the HTC Generator give’s you a three word phrase with the initials H, T, and C. HTC is letting you think of new ideas. Try your hands on it –    here

Few combinations we think they missed on are
Rgyaan Hindustans Tech Company
Hyper Tension Controller
Hybrid Transformer Car
Here They Come
Hero Train Rides
Haridwar  To Chennai
Horny Tarantula Coming
Hopelessly Tiny Bar

Did we miss any?

Once you use the generator many times, a longer version of the video that we saw before appears and features Robert Downey Jr. The video also features a Bollywood song, have a look at it below:


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