Camera war heats up with Nokia’s new advertisement for the Lumia 925′s camera, claiming it to be better than the iPhone’s camera. An Apple ad says – more people take pictures with an iPhone than with any other camera. This fine argument has been used by Apple more than once. In a new ad, Nokia picks it up and slaps Apple across. It says “Everyday more photos taken on an iPhone than any other phone, but at Nokia we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity.” The ad lures you into believing this might be that very Apple ad, or at least another in the series. Then the voice of Helsinki sinks its teeth into Apple’s hubris: “At Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not quantity.” It’s an understandable strategy, one that has already been expressed in the new Lumia 1020 ad. Clearly, Nokia has embraced the concept of its phones being a wonderful camera with a keyboard attached. Why would anyone buy an iPhone 5 after this? Why wouldn’t everyone want an 8.7-megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, and dual LED flash at their side all the time? While Nokia clearly intends to show off the imaging prowess of its Lumia devices, as imaging is the major differentiators in its flagship phones, the parody is in bad taste, and clearly reflects Nokia’s frustration at not being able to sell as many Lumia devices as it intends to.


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